At SMC we have climbed Red Rocks since the early 1980s and in this time there have been a multitude of changes from the explosive growth of Las Vegas to a lot more climbers coming to enjoy the climbing. But the climbing remains superb and the desert setting outstanding.

We have been lucky enough to be selected to have a guest climbing permit at Red Rocks and we invite you to come and enjoy this fantastic area with us,

We have two periods of five days each when we can climb at Red Rocks. For 2019 they are

April 5-9

October 19-23

During these time periods we will have guides staying in Las Vegas and we invite you to join us.

We have a group campsite booked for the whole period, starting the day prior to our permit period.

If you choose then there are plenty of hotels available in Las Vegas on the NW side of the city closest to Red Rocks.

Call the office to discuss plans and to set up a guide.