At 14,410 Mount Rainier is a scant 95 feet less than the high point of the lower forty eight states, Mount Whitney. But it is a totally different mountain. While Whitney has a a maintained trail winding to the summit under generally blue California skies, Rainier is heavily glaciated slammed by frequent storms from the Pacific with heavy snow, whiteouts and crevasses. Whitney does not come close.

At SMC we are pleased to be granted a two year permit by the Park Service to work with those of our guests who want to expand their skills beyond Mount Whitney and into a big alpine environment with additional challenges and with dreams of even bigger mountains. While a major climb in its own right Rainier is also a stepping stone to even bigger peaks such as Denali and Aconcagua.

The Park Service permit we have is very limited and we are limited to four guests per year with two guides.

Our trips fill up quickly so get in contact with us to reserve a spot.