At 14,505 feet Mt. Whitney is the high point of the lower forty eight states and the goal of virtually every mountaineer. The eleven mile long Trail Route offers the easiest route to the summit and is ascended by hundreds of climbers each year. In summer the summit is often crowded with excited climbers calling home on their cell phones and marmots cadging scraps from those lolling in the warm sun.

Winter however is a totally different story!

In the “off season” Mt. Whitney becomes a remote and difficult ascent. Few people are willing to take the chance of putting in a lot of work trying to climb, only to be turned back by weather, avalanche conditions and deep snow. But for those who want to test themselves and see how they do in this difficult environment  Mt. Whitney offers a great climb and an adventure that is unique in California.

For over the snow travel we recommend snowshoes for most people since skiing with a heavy pack in variable snow requires very advanced ski techniques. We also do not like to have split groups with some people on skis and some on snowshoes because of the different rates of travel.

Each day weather conditions, avalanche danger and group ability will be assessed to make informed decisions. A full itinerary cannot be guaranteed in advance; you need to be flexible as we play it day by day.

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