There are 50 states in the USA in California and a corresponding 50 high points.

You can get the complete list of state high points here.

There is also a whole club and organization devoted to climbing these peaks, the Highpointers

Of these fifty high points, five require real technical mountaineering skills:

Mount McKinley (Denali) in Alaska; Washington’s Mount Rainier and Oregon’s Mount Hood in the Pacific Northwest; and Montana’s Granite Peak and Wyoming’s Gannett Peak in the Rockies. Another five or so (Rhode island, Illinois, Kentucky, and others) are on private land and require landowner permission.

Most of the remaining state summits are easy hikes or drive-ups.

We can help you get up Mt Whitney, California’s high point, and Boundary Peak, the high point of Nevada.

California – Mount Whitney — 14,494 feet

Readily hiked by the trail, the is the way most people ascend, but if you have trouble getting a permit or want something a little more technical than the Mountaineers Route is the way to go.

Nevada – Boundary Peak — 13,441 feet

Not a hard hike, but the logistics of these take some work.

We need a good four wheel drive vehicle to get to the roadhead and then above this the trail is a rudimentary use trail. Nothing hard, but just tricky enough.

Acclimatization is essential and we can do this by staying overnight at SP’s ranch just across the other side of the valley and with a great view of the peak.