The Palisades Group

The Palisades Group

Mount Starr King

Mount Starr King

Devils Crag

Devils Crag

There are 248 peaks on the Sierra Peaks list and climbing them all is a lifetime goal for a select few mountaineers.

You can get the complete Sierra Peaks complete list here.

Some of these are easy, some are hard and some you just cannot find someone who wants to go do them.
Over the years we have worked with people who are working through this list and we have found that there are some that people often want a guide to help them complete.

Here is our list of the ones that pose the greatest problems:

Clyde Minaret

The Minarets have a reputation for loose scary rock. It is really not that bad, but the route finding is complex both up and down.

Mt Starr King

Not too hard, and a pair of rock shoes makes it easy. But Yosemite Park bans us from rock climbing in the high country, so you will need to talk to Yosemite Mountaineering School who will most likely say no.

Devils Crag

The hardest of the lot. A long way in there and then loose rock with very exposed climbing. We seem to have become the “go to guides” for this climb. Since you are here combine it with Wheel Mountain and maybe McDuffie.

Black Kaweah

Another peak with a reputation for loose rock. Not climbed very often and one of the few peaks left with it’s original summit register. Norman Clyde guiding three women (twice) and even Walter Starr’s entry written in his blood.

North Palisade, 14,258

Not easy from any direction, this is a true mountaineers peak. We do this as a part of our Fourteeners Program. The easiest way is via the Le Conte Route and it’s variation from the west side entering via Bishop Pass. From the east side U-Notch is the classic ascent route. If you are up for it combine North Pal with, Starlight, Thunderbolt, Polemonium and Mt. Sill for our Palisades Traverse.

Middle Palisade, 14,018

Rated “only” 4th class this peak via our Middle Palisade Ascent is more than it might seem. The climbing is straight forward, but consistently engaging. The South Fork of Big Pine Creek is little used compared to other areas and it really feels remote. Can be combined with Norman Clyde Peak.

Norman Clyde Peak

Complex 4th class rock with a lot of route finding problems. Many get lost here – but not us!

There just is no easy way up Norman Clyde and Norman Clyde got a truly fitting peak named after himself.

Thunderbolt, 14,003

Barely 14,000 feet Thunderbolt is a hard one to climb,. The final summit block is rated 5.7 but with a top rope and a pair of rock shoes it is not too bad. Climb it as a part of the Fourteeners Program or as a part of the Palisades Traverse.

Mt Gardiner

A great exposed ridge climb on great rock. Readily combined on the same trip with Clarence King.

Mt Clarence King

The final summit block stumps people. It is a typical monolithic chunk of granite that requires a cool head to surmount.