Discover the beauty and ruggedness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in this spectacular area with its multi-hued rocks and beautiful deep lakes. This trip will take you deeper into wilderness and allow you to see John Muir’s treasured range up close. It is an introductory backpacking trip and a fun adventure with a group of women who are looking to get out and experience the Sierra Nevada. For three days and two nights we will hike up into the alpine, carrying what we need and seeing beautiful mountains, forests and alpine lakes. A lot of people find that it is hard to get time off work to get to the mountains but driving to the Eastern Sierra and back in a weekend just makes everything too rushed and ruins the goal of getting away and relaxing in the mountains. So take an extra day off work and take the time to simply enjoy the peace of the mountains and their beauty and recharge your soul.

One reason we like this route is that it gives us some options. If the main desire is to hike then we can do the full loop. If you would rather slow down, relax and just absorb the natural world around you, we can take a shorter loop by camping on the rock slabs of Garnet Lake and then dropping back to the river trail and Agnew Meadows.

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