Mountaineering is a spectacular way to enjoy the mountains with less travel on main trails. This trip is an introduction to mountaineering and backpacking in the Sierra, and a good start for those looking to gain more backcountry skills. There are many peaks that do not require you to carry heavy loads at high elevations but which also give truly spectacular views. Additionally, our campsite gives you the chance to just sit by a lake, far removed from the worries of everyday life after having climbed a 13,000 foot peak. If you’re looking for an introduction to backpacking, along with climbing a non-technical peak, this course is for you!

Nestled in the Little Lakes Basin below towering rock crags, Ruby Lake is a gem of a weekend getaway in the high Sierra. It is a moderate hike to our camp where spectacular scenery and tranquil waters await.

Our climb begins by taking the trail over Mono Pass then travels cross country to the summit of Mt. Starr where breathtaking views will welcome you atop this 12,835’ peak. We will return to camp, enjoying our last evening watching the sunset under the peerless Sierra sky.

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