Half Dome…

Is there a more iconic summit in the USA than that of Half Dome? How many miles of film, and now terrabytes of storage, has been expended upon this monolith? Probably more than any other feature in any national park.

From all sides the peak looks impossible and in the 1800s was declared to be such.
The first ascent was by Scotsman George Anderson who drilled holes, placed spikes and lassoed his way up to the previously untouched summit in 1875.

In 1919 the current route of cables and posts was established and provides a safe route to the top of this icon.

Now, you could do it like a lot of people do and start predawn from the valley, rush up the 14 or 16 miles (depending upon the route), gain 4800 feet of elevation and stagger back down having “conquered” the summit and go directly to sleep.

Or you can take your time and enjoy the journey as well as the summit and experience the beauty and wonders of the high summit and climb another peak along the way with us.
We start from the beautiful Tuolumne Meadows area and spend the first night near beautiful Sunrise Lakes.
The next day we cross over Tenaya Peak and camp directly below Half Dome which we climb the next day early in the morning hoping to be in front of those coming up from the Valley giving us some quiet time on the summit to soak up the view and scenery. We end the trip in the Valley.