You have read all the gear reviews online, and the credit card is maxed from all the REI spending, and the Great Outdoors is beckoning. Actually, it has all started to get confusing, since all you wanted to do was go hiking!

We will get you there and have you learning the skills you need. This trip is low key, low distance but heavy on the skills you need to feel comfortable and confident in this new activity. We will spend time working through gear and equipment before we even set foot on the trail to make sure you have what is needed and then head out into the beautiful Sierra Nevada.

While you will have a guide along on the trip, we also want you to learn the necessary skills to get out yourself. We will guide you through all of the gear and tasks that you need to figure out. We will do the chores of cooking and setting up camp but you are invited to help out as much as you wish and learn new skills. We will talk about Leave No Trace practices and how to work those into what we do so as to take care of the mountains that we all value and cherish.

The mileage on this trip is very short so this is the ideal if you’ve got kids along, or for someone who wants less distance and more time relaxing in the mountains.

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