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Middle Palisade, Norman Clyde and the Thumb with Robert Miller

The South Fork of Big Pine Creek is far less used than the North Fork, which gives access to North Palisade, Starlight and Thunderbolt peaks. But the approach up the south fork is shorter, has fewer people and great climbing. So SP and Robert Miller from Albuquerque spent six days there climbing peaks. First up was Middle Palisade at just over 14,000 feet. The route here is mainly 3rd class, but it is continuous climbing. There are none of the usual areas of talus and scree often found on this type of route and while easy it is not somewhere to make a mistake. The glacier is already showing exposed [...]

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New Routes with Matt Compton

Think that the Sierra Nevada is climbed out? We have spent enough time out there to know that this is no where close to the truth and there are many routes that we have had our eyes on for years. So when Matt Compton called a while ago wanting to do some new routes and we were more than happy to oblige. Matt is taking a year of work and traveling with his wife and young child climbing, biking and having fun so this was a part of a longer time off work and enjoying what we consider to be the “real world” – the Sierra backcountry. First up was [...]

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Match Maker for Climbing Partners

Looking for a cheap date? Post your dates and destinations here to see if there are others out there looking for the same trip to reduce your expenses for a guided climb. Just click COMMENTS below.

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Whitney East Face with Joe and Candy 6/14-16/07

            Over the years we have done a lot of trips with Joe Maher and Candy McNulty from Reno. each time Joe pushes Candy a little more and she comes through with style and aplomb. We did the Venusian Arete on Temple Crag a couple of weeks ago and this time it was off to Whitney for the east face. We decided to make this three day trip. it is possible to climb and hike out in the same day, but it makes for a long day with no time to relax. So we hiked in on Day One and camped at Iceberg Lake. Climbing day was a [...]

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