SMC offers Five Courses in 2021-2022

  • AIARE Recreational Level 1. The Level 1 course is an introduction to avalanche phenomena, travel techniques, decision-making strategies, and avalanche rescue. The goal of this course is to make someone an informed participant in a group outing.
  • Level 1 Extension. This is not a part of the AAA flow, but over the years of teaching Level I courses we have seen a major need for this course. You might have done the Level 1 course and now have all of this new information swirling around in your head and are not sure quite how to sort it out. We have developed our Level 1 Extension course to give you practical experience out in front making decisions and assessing conditions, all under the guidance and eye of a professional with years of backcountry experience. We think of this as our “Guardian Angel” program with your own personal “angel” along looking over your shoulder.
  • Avalanche Refresher. The one day Avalanche Refresher course is for those who have completed a previous avalanche course and at the start of a new winter want to brush up on the skills that grew rusty over the summer.
  • Avalanche Rescue. This one day Avalanche Rescue Course is a part of the new AAA flow. During the AIARE Recreational Level 1 we spend an afternoon on basic rescues skills but participants do not have much time to practice or to delve into the complexities of multiple burials or difficult situations. This course can be taken as a stand alone course without an AIARE Recreational Level 1 but we highly recommend taking it along with a AIARE Recreational Level 1. It is a prerequisite for the AIARE Recreational Level 2.
  • AIARE Recreational Level 2. The three day Level 2 course provides  information that improves participants’ understanding of how and why avalanches occur. The goal of this course is to make someone a leader and facilitator of a group outing. Previous AIARE Level 2 courses were four days in length but this included Avalanche Rescue. So in reality the AIARE Recreational Level 2 combined with Avalanche Rescue is the same time commitment. The one day Avalanche Rescue Course is a prerequisite for this course.

Avalanche Education Flow

Difference between AIARE Recreational Level 1 and Level 2

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