At 13,147 feet Boundary Peak is the high point of Nevada and something we guide fairly often.
While not hard in a mountaineering sense, it is a hard hike with no defined trail in the upper section, high elevation and lots of talus and rock to negotiate. It requires strength, determination and stamina – not things generally associated with an eleven year old, especially one from the flatlands of Florida. I guided David and his son Will, with help from new guides Heather Shaw and Chris Miller up the peak on May 18 and we all had a great time. David’s knees decided that they had had enough at Trail Canyon Saddle and he stopped in the shade of a tree while the rest of us continued up. Will pushed us all at a fast steady pace and we made great time to the summit. Mom checked in along the way and from the summit. The day was perfect weather with barely a breath of wind and time to loll on the summit and enjoy the vast expansive views far over the countless ranges of Nevada. Will did a fantastic job on the climb and it was a pleasure to be out with a composed and talented young man. We hope to see him and David back for a Whitney climb and wish him all the best in his goal of hitting all of the state high points. He is now 12 of them down and 38 to go.
If you want to climb Boundary Peak as well go to our Boundary Peak web page.
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