Hey everyone,

Thank you all so much for your interest in and support for this presentation series.  As we’ve said, our goal with these was pretty simple–keep our friends and guests engaged and excited about future adventures during the uncertain and locked-down times of the COVID-19 pandemic.  I think it became a pretty special way for the Sierra Mountain Center community to come together once a week to support each other and escape from our living rooms, and I know our guides got a lot out of digging up some old memories and looking back at our personal and professional progressions over the years.

A couple of videos are downloaded directly onto this post, while most are a link to our cloud-recorded copy from Zoom.  A few more videos are on the way once we overcome some downloading hiccups.  We will make an announcement on social media when these are available.  If you have trouble viewing them, please let us know by emailing

We hope you enjoy these adventures as much as we did!  See you in the mountains soon.

-Louie Allen, Sierra Mountain Center Assistant Guide


Ryan Huetter:  Patagonian Adventures, First Ascents and Lessons from 7 Seasons in South America



Louie Allen: Alaskan Aspirations, a First Visit to Greater Ranges



SP Parker: Skiing with Penguins, Oceanside Exploration on the Coast of Antarctica



Louie Allen and SP Parker: Along the John Muir Trail Part I



Louie Allen and SP Parker: Along the John Muir Trail Part II



Dave Stimson:  Canadian Backcountry Skiing from the Great Cairn Hut



SP Parker: Traversing the Alaskan Brooks Range by Foot and by Packraft