This is turning into a very atypical spring in the Sierra Nevada with extensive periods of snow and rain.
Mammoth Mountain is reporting 29 inches of snow for May which is an all time recorded record, beating the last high in 2015.
The ski area is now proposing to stay open until August. This has happened only twice before, in 2017 and 1995.
Looking at the high country snow sensors the snow is very slow to melt and snow depth is gradually but slowly decreasing.
Current run off forecast predicts maximum runoff for
Kings River June 7
San Joaquin River June 10
Tuolumne River June 10
Merced River June 10
If we get more snow these will be delayed further and we are now looking at peak flows being about a month later than normal and earlier forecasts.
It is quite plausible that the switch to summer may flip and if so the rivers will come up very quickly and reach maximum quickly and maintain maximum flow for an extended period.
River crossing will be high and swift so know what you are doing and be careful.
Look at an earlier post for trips and available backcountry skills an education.
Bottomline is that this is not a normal spring and that will translate into a non-normal summer.

SP Parker