NZ7 NZ6 NZ5 NZ4 NZ3 NZ2 NZ1 Tapuae-o-Uenuku You don't have to pronounce it to climb it.

Tapi is the highest point in New Zealand outside of the main Divide and I have wanted to climb it for over 40 years. So I connected with an old friend Penny, from the old days of university back in the 1970s, and she flew down from Auckland and we made a quick trip since the forecast was fine for a few days.
It is in the Kaikoura Mountains on the east side of the northern part of the South Island and in the rain shadow of the biggest peaks so although a dry environment there are sill rivers to deal with and the approach is 22km up a river bed with 70 to 80 river crossing in knee to waist deep water and a climb of 1000meters to a pair of small huts.
The huts are typical small NZ mountain huts, sturdy shelter from the storm with bunk ,mattresses and amazing views. The NZ hut system is just wonderful.
From here it is about 1500 meters to the summit up rock and 35 degree snow. We topped out in moderate winds but not a cloud to be seen anywhere. Views down the range to the higher peaks and the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean. Do not get too may days like this in NZ.