Mt. Owen 10 Mt. Owen 8 Mt. Owen-9 Mt. Owen-3 Mt. Owen-2 Mt. Owen-5 Mt. Owen-1Mt. Owen aka Moria in New Zealand

Mt Owen aka Moria Jan. 2013
Owen is the high point of Kahurangi National Park and also had a moment of fleeting fame as one of the settings for Lord of the Rings. Even has a summit dragon.
More importantly it has a wonderful new hut and spectacular limestone karst terrain and is about an hour from my sisters home in Motueka.
About 3-4 hours for the roadhead to the Granity Pass Hut. I got there under clear skies and since you do not want to miss any such opportunities in NZ I headed on up the peak. The route follows rolling tussock covered hills and then into eroded rock with flat slabs and deep slots. Someone went missing here a few weeks ago and has still not been found. From the top views are from one side of the South Island to the other with clear blue skies, but within 30 minutes of getting back to the hut rain set in and has not stopped yet. But a big part of NZ tramping is walking in the dripping forest amidst the sound of bellbirds and tuis. Just got to learn to love it.