We have been working with Rock Creek Pack Station to set up the JMT in stages as a pack supported trip. This allows people who want to do the JMT but do not want the heavy packs to spread the journey out over four years and to have a relaxed memorable vacation along the way.

This year our first section was from a start at Kearsarge to a finish at Onion Valley. Along were Geoff Snyder, Donna Smith, Mardi Swords, Martha Moore, Phil Moore and SP as hiking guide. We also had a full time cook Andy and packers Mark and Terri.

The trip started with some ran and thunderstorm activity that nearly shut us down on ourWhitney climb, but we hung out in the tent as lightening lit the summit up and hail hit the tent.But it cleared enough to give us time to get up and down. Climbing Whitney had been cook Andy’s goal since Day I. So in cowboy boots, cowboy hat, leather canteen and a slicker he headed tot he top getting lots of stares from REI equipped hikers. But we all made it in near record time.

From Whitney on we had great weather, fantastic scenery and thanks to Andy fantastic food.

This is the trip for anyone who wants a really relaxing holiday.

Next years section is from Onion Valley to Bishop Pass.