Just got back from CA on Sunday and I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you and everyone at SMC know what a great trip we all had (Mt. Whitney – Mountaineer’s Route – June 17-19). For me and my boys it was a first rate experience that we will never forget. I can’t say enough about Nate and Aaron and the job that they did guiding us, and the others on our journey. Those guys are true professionals. From my perspective, there’s no greater compliment.

Sunday night, in Mammoth Lakes, the whole family went out for pizza and it was fantastic listening to Teddy, Aaron, and Mason tell their mother about the whole trip.  Maybe it was because I was wiped out, but I don’t think that I could have been happier.  It was a tough 48 hours, but a very rewarding 48 hours.  Rewarding for the summit of Mt. Whitney, but also for the experiences and memories gained from getting there and back.

Thanks again Nate, Aaron, and SMC!!!