I would rate our feb. attempt of mt. Whitney a 10 .I met all my primary goals for the trip even though we were not able to summit.I used the gear list you provided to guide me in my purchases and all my stuff worked well.You did a great job of supplying me with the info. needed to make the trip a success.
Our guides,what can I say, Braden and Aaron were outstanding.Their knowledge and style of guiding made them both a pleasure to work with.I feel they made the right decision to turn back based on their experience and common sense.I learned a lot from them and it seemed that the more I wanted to learn the more knowledge they were willing to convey.I especially like that they were not there to just drag me to the summit but honestly seemed to want to make a better mountaineer out of me. I am very grateful to Braden for sticking around for that extra day and teaching Larry and I more snow skills.The concepts and skills he introduced to us will aid us greatly in our endeavors and with practice I feel we will be competent and safe in the mountains,well as safe as it gets anyway.
Best part of the trip Hmmmm…probably the heavy packs and the steep terrain ,not to mention the wind and of course the “wag bag”. But seriously I cannot name a best part because the experience as a whole was the best part.
Some of the best trail food I have ever had so please let Aaron know his menu selections were perfect.All in all one of the best trips I have had.I can’t think of any improvements.Well I am running out of words to substitute for I had a really really really really really really good time.Thanks again SMC and especially Braden and Aaron .