At this point in life one would think that I would take days off at a beach somewhere with drinks in tall glasses and little umbrellas in them. But no, have to go skiing.
Friend Jen Giraud and I had talked for years about skiing Mt Ritter the prominent peak visible from Mammoth. A fantastic peak with the history of John Muir’s first ascent and a ski from the very top.
So we took snowmobiles ( have learned a few things) to Agnew Meadows, camped there and climbed and skied the next day. About 6000 vertical and about 17 miles.
Snow was pretty good, but up high still wet winter powder and down lower corn mixed with mush.
But a perfect day with not a breath of wind on top and a warm day.
So much snow back there it is hard to believe that it will ever melt.
A long, but a great day and highly recommended to anyone who wants a classic ski in a wilderness setting. If this was in Europe there would be dozens a day. But no, this is the USA and too much work.