Linda has done a lot of trips with us over the years and keeps coming back for more climb. This time was Tyndall and Williamson and we had to do the trip before the area is closed for protection of the Sierra bighorn sheep. Guiding the trip was SP and SMC intern, Andrew Soloman, who came along to learn the area.
Every trip starts with the long flog up Symmes Creek to Anvil Camp. The trailhead was super busy with 28 cars parked there. Busier than Whitney!
But it only took a bit over five hours to Anvil Camp. We spent the night here for acclimatization and set of early the next day. The trail up the final part to Shepherd Pass is pretty much eroded away and there was a short snow section right at the pass.
We set up camp by the Pass lake and later in day went up Tyndall via the North Rib. This is a well defined rib that rises only a short height above the talus on either side. It is by far the most interesting way to go and far more fun than climbing the talus. A few 4th class moves but most is 3rd and 4th. Winds were very strong so we quickly hit the summit and then heading home to camp.
Next day was Williamson and we started early, but not pre dawn.
We dropped into Williamson Bowl just in time to see someone’s tent make it’s escape into the lake – they did get it back.
Williamson from this side is very complex with ribs and hidden gullies. the climbing route is not apparent until you get close and is talus and scree to just below the summit plateau. Then comes about 100 feet of steep 4th class onto the plateau where it is easy tot he top.
We were back to camp in time to relax and enjoy the sunset.
Next day it was up and out. Linda does not like to stop for long and we made it down and out in about 5 & 1/2 hours which is a pretty good time.
A great trip – no drama, no problems and fun.