Stacey found an old phone number for SMC , back when Sp ran SMG, in the depths of the web. She was thinking about snow-shoeing, but since she already knew how to ski we persuaded her that a set of randonnee skis might be a better way to go. Stacey was not entirely convinced, mainly because she had never heard of this type of skiing. But after just a few hours she was convinced and had a great day touring up into Glass Creek Meadow. This area became wilderness just a few days ago as Obama just signed the legislation that has taken years to get through congress.

So we were probably the first to visit it in it’s new guise – not that it really makes a lot of difference to the land, but it does pretty much put an end to the old plans to link the Mammoth and June ski areas with lifts.

Great weather, great snow  and Stacey has discovered a new way to visit and to explore the mountains.