July 26-31:  One of the more relaxed trips that Sierra Mountain Center offers is a horse-pack supported, five-day long, hiking trip to the summit of Mt. Whitney via Horseshoe Meadows and Cottonwood Pass.  Don’t be fooled by my casual discription of the trip – we hiked 8-13 miles per day, every day.  But for me, the trip is a great way to take a break from lugging 45-lbs packs up/down steep approaches, so I savor five days where I’m just expected to walk, chat, and cook.  Max and the horses and mules from Cottonwood Pack Station ferried our gear across the back of the crest – thanks Max!

And thanks to Kath, Ming, Bob, Nancy and Ralph for five great days.  Despite thunderstorms every evening, you guys did it!
Chris Simmons is an AMGA Certified Alpine Guide and an Alpine, Rock, and Ski Guide for Sierra Mountain Center.  More about his adventures can be found on his personal blog, Climb.Ski.Run.Sleep.Repeat.