From 11-14 October I worked with a geology team representing Occidental University, Central Washington University, and Penn State.  They’re going to be heading down to Antarctica this winter to collect samples from the Transantarctic Range, and wanted to develop some 3rd-class and fixed rope rock skills.  I had glorious plans of climbing some of the most classic 3rd class routes on the peaks accessible in a day from the highway, when one of our first storms of the fall blanketed the mountains in snow and made the days cold.  So some quick thinking turned up days in the Buttermilks, North Bluffs of June Lake, Crystal Crag, and Iris Slab.

This is what I believe Sierra Mountain Center really excels at – custom trips for people with unique objectives.  They didn’t have any summits or routes in mind.  Instead, Anne contacted us and said, “This is what we’re capable of, this is what we want to get out of the weekend.”  And SMC was able to make a great experience.

So, here’s a slideshow of our time together.  All photos are courtesy of Don Voigt. EDIT: Word Press apparently doesn’t play well in the sand box with Picasa. If you want to see the slide show, you’ll have to come to my personal blog and scroll down to the bottom of the page. – Chris

Chris is an Alpine, Ski, and Rock Guide for SMC, and an AMGA Certified Alpine Guide. You can read more about his adventures at Climb.Ski.Run.Sleep.Repeat.