This was a custom camp that Malcolm Bordelon put together for a group of friends. Unfortunately Malcolm got sick right before the trip and was unable to climb to the summit of Mt Dade.
We followed the usual Mountain Camp itinerary, climbing at Benton Crags the first day and then hiking to camp at Mills Lake and did snow skills later that day. Unfortunately snow is in pretty short supply this year and it was more ice skills, but it gave everyone the skills needed for next day’s ascent of Mt Abbott.
With Chris Simmons and SP guiding the climb of Abbott went just fine. Melting snowpack has exposed more talus than ever and the so called Mills Glacier is in pretty sad shape. There is a rock glacier here and the surface cover of rock is melting back exposing a core of ancient ice.
The day was perfect with a warm sun and no wind on top. Everyone did a great job especially for those doing their first peak ascent.
We hiked back out on the same day as the ascent getting back to the trailhead by 4.00pm
Taking a break at Ruby Lake on the approach to Mills Lake

Below Abbott in the early morning

Ascending the snow apron on Abbott

The narrow ridge on Abbott

Boys on the summit